Good design may come at a cost, but have you considered the consequences of bad design? Let me explain. The expense of poor design can be costly in terms of both financial and intangible losses. For example, a website with poor user experience can lead to lost customers and revenue. In contrast, investing in good design can lead to an enhanced reputation, customer satisfaction, and a competitive advantage. Ultimately, the cost of bad design can far outweigh the expense of investing in good design.

Bad design frustrates users

Dear startup owner, you really can't afford this. I'm sure you care about growing your user base as fast as possible, but make sure they are getting bug-free, easy to use experience!

Bad design impacts sales

Literally and directly. Bad design means more abandoned carts. If the experience of the checkout phase is frustrating, the user will just quit.

Bad design loses you users

Isn't it the entire opposite of what you want? If you want people to use your product, give them the best experience you can afford, and they will.

Bad design comes back

You can't escape investing into good UX. Decide if you want to do it at the start, or maybe after releasing your app and getting many negative reviews.

Good design is your best ad

During the first year of Amazon, CEO Jeff Bezos invested 100 times more money into Customer Experience than ads. He understood the value of happy clients and word of mouth.

If the richest person in the world invested so much money into UX, why aren't you?

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